About ArborMetrics Solutions

Vegetation management is more than just clearing limbs, trees and brush from lines. To be effective, vegetation managers must be sure that budget dollars are allocated wisely, that varying conditions are taken into account, that crews are operating efficiently, and ultimately, that customers are satisfied.

By harnessing current and developing technologies -- and using an unsurpassed depth of experience and corporate strength -- ArborMetrics lives up to the following mission statement:

To improve the effectiveness of vegetation management through safe, efficient planning, scheduling and reporting services.

Here's how we work: By selecting from a menu of services, equipment and personnel, ArborMetrics bundles together the key elements you need to make your vegetation management program effective, safe and efficient. Equipped with satellite-linked, rugged laptop or handheld computers, field personnel can:
• capture data for your vegetation inventory
• create a work plan
• obtain permissions
• track work progress
• conduct audits for quality assurance
• create electronic timesheets or invoices
• generate reports

State-of-the-art software, developed specifically for vegetation management, streamlines the process. Regulatory reporting is more automated and accurate.

ArborMetrics offers you access to a skilled, dependable and effective workforce, which can save on personnel and capital costs while fulfilling regulatory requirements and satisfying your customers.

If you have a vegetation management problem, now you have ArborMetrics Solutions. Call or e-mail today: toll free: 1-866-685-1880. E-mail: info@arbormetricssolutions.com

ArborMetrics also maintains offices in Canada. For more information, please contact:

ArborMetrics Solutions, ULC
9205-37th Ave Edmonton Alberta, T6E 5K9

Phone: 780-440-7410

ArborMetrics Certified Arborist measures the girth of a tree.