ArborLine, the utility arborist application from ArborMetrics Solutions, is here to help you work more efficiently. When planners use ArborLine, all the information about a worksite is captured in one place. The result is a higher quality operation. Standardized data allows ArborMetrics planners to do their work more efficiently and with greater accuracy. And that saves time on the job. Crews go into the field with everything they need to succeed: the right equipment, information about the work and the site, and even better maps. Developed solely for utility arboriculture, ArborLine takes the guesswork out of the vegetation management process. Click here to learn more.

  • Focuses primarily on notification, planning and quality control services
  • Identifies, records and reports on the type of work, quantity of work, its location, site hazards, and other specific information critical to tree crews
  • Captures electronic signatures for R/W control forms (permits), refusal forms, and variance forms
  • Prints or e-mails work manifest, executed permission forms, detailed map books, and other customer driven reports
  • Dynamic filters and sorting capabilities allow vegetation managers to make real-time decisions

ArborLine planning tool for arborists

ArborLine GPS

ArborLine Arborist Software