Electronic Work Planning
Pre-inspection of T&D rights-of-way is a common practice used by electric utilities and gas companies. The core responsibility of a knowledgeable work planner is to identify line clearance work and any issues related to access. Regardless of the data collection technique, the key to a successful work planning program is achieving production without compromising the quality of data captured in the field. ArborMetrics can help you develop and implement work planning processes that are the most efficient and effective for your system.

Work planners are also used in right-of-way operations to identify mowing areas, mechanical trimming locations spray areas, TGR opportunities and danger trees. This work is typically collected electronically and dispatched to contractors with summary tables and associated maps.

Of course, a vital consideration for any project is determining the appropriate level of knowledge or experience a work planner should have for the task at hand. A balance of formal education and practical experience is the primary consideration when ArborMetrics selects the right personnel for the job.

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