Professional Landowner Notifications
Many electric utilities aim to provide extraordinary customer service by notifying members or their customers of scheduled pruning or other tree work. Programs range from simple door hangers to face-to-face contact with the landowner in order to gain permission to access property. ArborMetrics employs qualified personnel trained in customer relations and conflict resolution. Training focuses on six key points:

Knowledge - Know the facts about the utilitys vegetation management program.
Experience - Personal experience puts things in perspective.
Communication - Explain how, why and where the work will be done. Be respectful.
Integrity - Be honest and straightforward. The credibility of the utility is at stake.
Appearance - Look professional. Be worthy of the customers confidence.
Attitude - None of the above matters without a positive attitude!

Electronic Work Planning
GIS Data Collection and Reporting
Project Management
Quality Assurance Audits
Damage Assessment